Abayomi Best Dog of Sweet Ale - Alpha


Abayomi Best Dog of Sweet Ale, my sweet Alpha has cleared all his healthtesting!

HD A, nbw 40
ED 0/0 free
ECVO eyes clear.
prcd-PRA, clear.
EIC, clear.
HNPK, clear.
SD2, clear.
RD/OSD: Normal / Clear.
Full Embark profile with 200.000 SNP's done, all clear.
Stargardt PRA: clear.
Copper toxicosis ATP7B: G/G (clear)
Copper toxicosis ATP7A: C/Y (clear)

Color: BB, ee. Yellow/Black, no chocolate.

In January 2023, Alpha had a semen test with a fertility specialist with excellent results;
more than 1.3 billion swimmers.

Alpha is now totally ready to date suitable girls!

Email: labradors@kpnmail.nl